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Amphetathoughts #2 : It will be a cold day in Hell before it ships with XML::LibXML

but maybe, just maybe, it will someday ship using XML::SAX-iness for doing the heavy lifting. Which is all really just another way of saying "Oh god, please make all this OPML stuff go away!" OPML is fine for simple things but it just plain sucks rocks to read or write by hand and it uses this weird-ass, easy-like-AppleScript, way of including and processing remote documents. It's not like it would actually be hard to write a Perl thingy for munging "instant outlines" but why would I want to when everything else has support for XInclude? And maybe I only want to include feeds on your blogroll that start with the letter "B". At this point, two things should probably be pointed out: 1) I have already written the code to process instant OPML files and 2) I have even written an alternative to OPML which suffers its very own set of problems and probably shouldn't be used for anything serious either.

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