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Amphetathoughts #1: Use the %ENV, Luke.

Hello, my name is Aaron and I like the command-line. So, despite my general dislike for aggregators I've got a copy of Amphetadesk installed on the laptop and I've been periodically running it on localhost. Long story short is that waiting for the web server and the pages to reload when adding feeds is just too long for me. So, my first thought was just to muck with the 'myChannels' file by hand (read:XML::LibXML) and be done with it. But I figured all these clever people had gone to the trouble of writing the damn thing so there must be perfectly good methods for doing the same thing. This is what I've found out so far:
  • AmphetaDesk/ needs to be taught not to try and load GUI libraries when called from the command-line
  • Amphetadesk/ needs to be taught to check for something like an AMPHETAROOT environment variable rather than relying on Find::Bin (I'm certainly not going to cd into my amphetadesk directory everytime I want to do something.)
  • The actual code that gets launched by needs to be taught to check the 'myChannels' file every (n) seconds and reload it once it changed. AmphetaDesk/ loads channels into a private %CHANNELS hash, so any changes I make now won't be noticed until the app itself is restarted.
Keep in mind that these are all perfectly reasonable "problems" for an application that was designed for use in a web browser. And please, don't anyone talk to me about trying to use Amphetadesk in Lynx.
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