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Friday, May 04 2001

Sean M. Burke : The Design of Online Lexicons

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Jonathon Eisenzopf : Weblog 2.0

"Other than departmentalizing the Weblog functionality, the major addition is the integration and rewrite of Xhoo. In short, this version of Weblog is a move towards a well-defined environment for creating, editing, syndicating, and organizing channels. ... If you haven't heard of it before, Xhoo is a Web catalog that I developed as an article a while back. You can still read about it off the Mother of Perl home page. The difference now is that Xhoo itself is built using RSS files, which allows you to leverage all of the same tools that are now available for manipulating RSS. In the future, Xhoo will probably support the RSS 1.0 threads module as soon as it matures a bit. Weblog channels link to Xhoo categories through the taxonomy RSS 1.0 module." mmmm...categories. Sigh, does anyone want to pay me to finish v4.0 of this site? Anyway, with any luck I will be able to announce something pretty cool, and tangentially related to all this stuff, today or tomorrow...

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The dict-ified word of the day is inkhorn

| source : web1913 | Inkhorn \Ink"horn`\, n. [Ink + horn; cf. F. cornet [`a] encre, G. dintenhorn.] A small bottle of horn or other material formerly used for holding ink; an inkstand; a portable case for writing materials. ``With a writer's inkhorn by his side.'' --Ezek. ix. 2. From his pocket the notary drew his papers and inkhorn. --Longfellow. | source : web1913 | Inkhorn \Ink"horn"\, a. Learned; pedantic; affected. [Obs.] ``Inkhorn terms.'' --Bale. | source : easton | Inkhorn The Hebrew word so rendered means simply a round vessel or cup for containing ink, which was generally worn by writers in the girdle (Ezek. 9:2, 3,11). The word "inkhorn" was used by the translators, because in former times in this country horns were used for containing ink.

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