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The other day

Jeff sent me some kind words about the aaronland site (thanks!) He commented that it had a "nice anti-technology" feel to it. I guess I can understand why, but I would like state publicly that I am not anti-technology. Witness the bicycle. What I do have a problem with is the idea that technology (these days it's The Network) somehow springs springs forth from our brow, fully formed, ushering us to greater and greater salvation. If the old saw goes: "Technology doesn't kill people, people with technology kill people", then I want to know why so often we let ourselves be led blindly by it and are so eager to erase the past lest it offer some good reason to tread lightly. I do not accept that it is without consequences we may regret, nor that simple blind enthusiasm will see us through whatever Utopian blunder we dream up next.


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