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Friday, May 07 2004

My big honking hash crushes your directed graph.


A couple months ago I had a very unpleasant experience trying to munge the relations between topics in the day's New York Times using RDF and GSS. I can't remember what I saw, earlier today, that pointed to the Perl bindings for GraphViz, but when I read the docs I realized that all I needed to do was loop over a nested hash calling add_*.

After a few false starts I've added code to the cron jobs that run every morning to generate a pretty picture version of the daily Who's on first at the New York Times? stuff. The graph is generated as an SVG file because dumping to PNG creates an image roughly 12000 pixels in width which, in turn, causes Mozilla to die a slow and painful death. I guess the next step is to add happy clicky links to the various nodes...

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Me : jpegrdfup 1.0

Command-line tool for updating multiple images from a single jpegrdf dump.

As it is currently written the -rdf option for jpegrdf expects a single description for a single image. This is fine if you only need to update a single image but a pain if you are trying to update many images in one swell foop.

I had to write it when I changed where#qc-montreal to where#montreal and needed to update ~ 1000 images.

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