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Saturday, January 17 2004

Ceçi n'est pas une poste.

Not much of interest has happened during the last week.

Unless you count the spat over XML error handling, which I don't. It was a controversial decision : I'm shocked! It's been borne out to be a good decision, HTML notwithstanding : Shocked, I tell you!

I briefly considered posting an open letter to television news executives imploring them to let, no force, their on-air personalities to wear toques when it's - 40° Celcius outside. If not for their sake then for the impressionable young children watching them.

A bunch of stuff got upgraded on the machine that serves as the staging server for this weblog and now the fancy-pants program that does all the heavy lifting, generating pages and indexes, is dumping core whenever the XSLT function aa:permalink() is called. I leave it as an exercise to the reader to find the Deep and Meaningfuls in that one.

I'm not overly concerned about this, right now. It will get fixed but I'm not going to turn my life upside down over it. And some pretty awful stuff has happened in the neighbourhood, recently, that helps keep things in perspective.

In the meantime, this is one of the best stories I've heard in a long time:

“You killed my girlfriend's fish. No, you made her kill her fish.”


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