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Wednesday, December 31 2003

Hello, my name is :

  avenue du Mont-Royal, Montréal, December 2003







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Some things can not be left unanswered.

Or “What is up with the bagel meme going around these days?”

Dean Allen writes :

It is a salient truth that every human should find the bagel to which they are aligned by fate; for me it was plain (sometimes the poppy) at Siegel's.

This is true but it remains hard to believe that such a moment can be found in Vancouver whatever other merits the city may enjoy.

In typical fashion, the New York Times gets all hot and bothered about itself claiming :

But no city, perhaps in the history of the world, is so closely identified with a breadstuff as New York is with the bagel.

I like New Yorkers. Really, I do. I like them more than the bread donuts they so famously pass off as bagels, that much is for sure.

Insert stock Canadian hand-wringing about how our friends to the South don't properly appreciate us :

Not only do Montrealers consider these bagels the best in the world. Matthew Goodman is an American who raves about these bagels and explains in detail how they are made and what differentiates them from other bagels. He even goes so far as saying that just to taste these bagels is well worth the trip to Montréal. I guess just as Maurice "Rocket" Richard is a legend to the Montréal Canadians (sic), bagels are just as legendary to the world of food.

Imagine that.

Andy Huang writes :

The New York style bagels in Montreal are really good.

Oop ack splat Fttttttpppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!

Mark Pilgrim, on the subject of so-called “carb-counting” bagels, writes :

They are a most evil creation, vile and bland, an affront against nature and taste buds and most likely God and so forth. When I eat one, I am reminded of Smith's rant in the first Matrix movie. I feel saturated by their overarching blandness, I can taste it, and every time I do, I feel that I have somehow been infected by it.

This pretty much sums it up for anyone from Montréal when presented with one of those dense and heavy steriod-rings that the rest of world calls a “bagel”.


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