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I don't know Cameron personally though he seems like a perfectly nice fellow.

And maybe I'm just being old fashioned but what, precisely, does it mean when the chief blog strategy guy (official title pending) is going to work closely with the Scheduling Team to make sure the Candidate posts to his weblog?
Am I the only one who thinks that the Idea of Weblog is antithetical to the idea of the Campaign Trail? Do you honestly expect me to believe that anything posted to an officially sanctioned campaign website hasn't been vetted by a team of PR people, lawyers and sycophants? Do you honestly expect me to believe that any campaign manager worth their salt is going to let the Candidate speak off the cuff and have it archived for perpetuity, or at least until the election which is the functional equivalent, in a Google cache? I've got it up my ass with those so-called media professionals! indeed. Meanwhile, what's all this about the Candidate not having the time to post? My god, we've spent the last five years developing the tools that allow you to post, with meme-sized precision, the fact that you've farted. While walking up the stairs to your apartment. Using your cell phone. I think it's cool that Cameron's got himself a gig where he can explore some of the edges of the format. But seriously folks, get a grip. These are not the droids you're looking for. Since we're busy talking about politics, the Internet, honest dialogue and getting the message out you may also enjoy the Idea of Weblog in full effect as it fact-checks the ass off of evil reptilian kitten-eaters.

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Gavin Estey : “Then I felt creative and wrote a script to work out who I've emailed recently and make sure that they're in my [SpamAssassin] whitelist.” ←  → I wonder how many anglophones will get the joke.