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Wednesday, August 27 2003

Personally, I'm fond of gluing silica-gel packets to postcards

and sending them to friends.

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The building on the corner of Marie-Anne and the Main always has the best grafitti.

I spotted this Stephen Hawking -esque dealie last year. It's not there any more which isn't too surprising. It probably creeped people out. I would have started bumming, too, if I'd had to come to that every night in the dead of winter.

Marie-Anne near St. Laurent, Montréal, July 2002

This year the wall to the left was painted with something more like the grafitti you come to expect everywhere. I don't really like it except for the space-blaster guy in the corner:

Marie-Anne near St. Laurent, Montréal, August 2003

Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure that these were the inspiration for the milk carton thingies that show up in the taint and room projects.

St. Laurent near Rachel, Montréal, August 2003

Every summer there seems to be a single graffiti meme that predominates. One year it was the milk cartons. Another year it was the numbered bunny rabbit heads. This year it's these funny cartoons mouths. I'm not convinced that they aren't actually just a marketing gimmick for some yet to be announced product.

St. Laurent near Bagg, Montréal, August 2003

Switching gears, entirely, it was pointed out to me that those were actually yellow tomatoes on the vine. Waiting for them to ripen any more would only yield rotten fruit.

In my defense I will just say that I never paid much attention to the tomatoes on the farm and this isn't my garden. Circumstances dictated that I take care of it this year so I opted for stuff that I thought I could grow a lot of for canning or drying.

I guess we'll have lots of yellow tomatoes this year. I certainly didn't buy yellow tomatoes so I'm left to assume that hooligans re-arranged all the tags at the nursery. It's a drag but it's also something I could see myself doing a few years ago.

The first tomatoes from the garden, Montréal, August 2003

That red-ish one is apparently a black tomato. Dunno. We swapped vegetables with someone on the way out and that's what she called it.

St. Laurent near Mont Royal, Montréal, August 2003


Jo Walsh :

This parser is a transliteration of Sean B Palmer's python RDF/XML parser.

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