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So, I was farting around with RDFpic and I even went as far as to write a little widget that tries to pre-populate the RDF meta-data with corresponding EXIF data. Basic stuff like the date. The Photo-RDF spec says you should not use the identifier element to note the URI of your image. It is reserved for some random, and possibly repeating, internal marker that your camera uses to flag individual images. The logic here escapes me but, whatever. I want an identifier that points to the actual image, I think, so I'll just use the handy dc:identifier instead. I wrote the RDF to a separate file and then I imported it in to an image I was munging with RDFpic. So far, so good. Next, I immediately exported the data to another file to see what it looked like :





 # Which in case you're not sure

 # yields the following error:


 107 ->xmllint ./2003/07/19/20030719-img_0013.rdf2 

 ./2003/07/19/20030719-img_0013.rdf2:9: \

    error: error parsing attribute name



Beauty, eh?

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