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"I'm screwed and your doomed" or "Go home, Yankee imperialist running dog"

But seriously, the conversation was basically:

me : huh? why can't I have multiple language elements in the channel?

him : because you can't

me : that's kind of dumb. some of us speak, and blog, in more than one language 

him : add a language element to you item element

me : but the point is a) to be able to identify all the languages that  

     the document uses and b) you can already do this is in rss 0.91

     (though I'll be damned if I can find the webpage(s) where this was

    discussed now)

him : you're screwed then

I am feeling pretty prickly today so I am having trouble deciding if this is just staggeringly arrogant or myopic. Because, you know, it would fuck up all the description frameworks to have more than one shade of grey. I think, tonight, I will redirect every single RSS feed involved with aaronland over here.

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In case you needed any more reasons to throw the RSS baby out with the bathwater, ←  → Nathan Torkingon : "There are no clear signs that ... is anything but hot air."