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The dictified word of the day is : insensate

Insensate \In*sen"sate\, a. [L. insensatus. See {In-} not, and {Sensate}.] Wanting sensibility; destitute of sense; stupid; foolish. The silence and the calm Of mute, insensate things. --Wordsworth. The meddling folly or insensate ambition of statesmen. --Buckle. -- {In*sen"sate*ly}, adv. -- {In*sen"sate*ness}, n. web1913
insensate adj 1: devoid of feeling and consciousness and animation; "insentient (or insensate) stone" [syn: {insentient}] [ant: {sentient}] 2: without compunction or human feeling; "in cold blood"; "cold-blooded killing"; "insensate destruction" [syn: {cold}, {cold-blooded}, {inhuman}] wn

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