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The dictified word of the day is : cupidity

Cupidity \Cu*pid"i*ty\ (k?-p?d"?-t?), n. [F. cupidite, L. cupiditas, fr. cupidus longing, desiring, fr. cupere to long for, desire. See {Covet}.] 1. A passionate desire; love. [Obs.] 2. Eager or inordinate desire, especially for wealth; greed of gain; avarice; covetousness. With the feelings of political distrust were mingled those of cupidity and envy, as the Spaniard saw the fairest provinces of the south still in the hands of the accursed race of Ishmael. --Prescott. web1913
cupidity n : extreme greed for material wealth [syn: {avarice}, {avariciousness}, {covetousness}] wn

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