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Benoit Marchal : Introducing XM, a poor man's content manager

"Many webmasters have turned a combination of scripts (JSP, ASP, or PHP) and a database to help them cope with an ever-growing site. This approach works, but it's not without faults. For one thing, it puts a toll on the server, so the pages may load more slowly. Also script-based Web sites are more prone to bugs or even crashes (of course, I speak for myself; bugs do not afflict your code). Finally, search engines are less likely to index dynamically generated sites. Overall I have found that, while scripts and databases may make life easier for the webmaster, they are far from optimal for the visitor. ... I propose an alternative built on XML and XSLT. Indeed it's easy to prepare documents in DocBook or another XML vocabulary and convert them automatically to HTML. Automatically is the operative word here. The goal is to cut on manual processing and automate as much of the site maintenance as possible. I like to think of it as moving from small-scale to industrial-scale webmastering." Most excellent! via more like this

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Update : Who mentioned paying 40, 000$ for a CMS? ←  → The dict-ified word of the day is deracinate