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Thomas Frank 7#34;A lot of business thinkers thought they had happened onto a kind of Golden Age,

onto a new world. There's a business magazine out there calling itself Business 2.0, as if all of, all of history was, like, version 1.3, 1.4, that sort of thing and then now we've turned this Grand Corner, and market populism is kind of the expression of that feeling, of business at its most righteous, and at its most self-confident, and most willing to take on its enemies and, and shout them down if you will. Basically, market populism understands corporations and the workings of the market as more LEGITIMATE than government, as closer to the people, as something the people understand and that's why they, according to market populism, even C.E.O.'s as wealthy as Bill Gates are men of the people in a way that someone like Al Gore, because he spent his life in government, can never be."

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Bryan Boyer : Lonely Buns Tricia Cusack : "The snowman is, of course, white and invariably male.