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The Globe and Mail : "Under the prime ministership of Stockwell Day,

[eeughhghh] Parliament would hold a free vote on marijuana use, natives on reserves would lose their sales-tax exemptions, the CBC would be put up for sale, and 25 per cent of the voters in a riding could unseat a member of Parliament." I have only one thing to say if Canadians actually elect these fucking wingnuts : Oui. Where did the country I thought I lived in go, exactly? Look, I don't have any illusions about Canada's history. We, despite what the CBC will have you believe, were not born of an especially inspiring past. This country was built on greed ( the railways and then banks that followed ) and equals parts fear and revenge ( preventing the Americans from going any further up the West Coast. ) Canada was not shaped by a grand and hyperolic vision like the one set out in the U.S. Constitution. Our idea of self was, atleast until The Rant, largely a reaction to the U.S. Civil War in the form of the B.N.A. Act which is really just a list of who's on first. The point is that despite all this, we have managed to create something that is greater than the sum of it's parts. How sad is it that we seem to be degenrating into little more than a nation of annoying roommates who squabble over whether or not to wash someone else's cutlery? see also : The Un-Rant

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