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Wired : Big Blue Reinvents Internships

"If the most popular kids at summer camp are those who can do the fanciest dives into the lake, at Extreme Blue the attendees who garner the most respect are those who work the longest hours." I saw a similar attitude in the hardcore scene. The focus was drugs but the goal was still to be "hardcore-er than thou." The idea was to get as *fucked* up as possible, and I often saw people I knew on acid and mescaline at the same time, sometimes with a liberal dose of cocaine thrown in for kicks. That didn't include the obligatory quarter-ounze of pot, and a couple of 24's. Most of those people are junkies now, which led another friend to muse that they are just hanging on (doing smack) until the first first person OD's. That way, they can quit and say they were more hardcore than heroin.

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