Aaron Straup Cope

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Revision History
Revision 1.02004-10-23

Initial release.


This is an XSLT 1.0 stylesheet for pruning a collection of (DocBook) articles by ID, title or author.

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Example 1. 

 # prune list of articles by author

 $> xsltproc -o ~/tmp/kraus.xml \
             --stringparam author 'Clifford Krauss' \
             ./find-articles.xsl \

 # generate XSL-FO document

 $> xsltproc -o ~/tmp/ \
             /path/to/docbook/fo.xsl \

 # generate PDF file

 $> fop -fo  ~/tmp/ 
        -pdf ~/tmp/krauss.pdf

Consult the documentation for your favourite XSLT processor. This template accepts the following parameters, in order of precedence :

  • id. String. Typically a URL, this is the unique ID associated with an article.

  • title. String. The title assigned to an article in its articleinfo section.

  • author. String. The first name and surname, separated by a single space, of an author assigned to an article in its articlinfo /authorgroup /author section(s).


Nothing special.