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Tuesday, April 05 2005


  Sunnyvale , March 2005

Now with a default event handler that will open an image's source when you control/command click on a photo. Again, I've also posted an updated version of standalone Mirror Project Random Image Widget (OS X.)

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Monday, April 04 2005"Widgets")

  San Jose , March 2005

I updated the ImageWidget classes to include a menu item and keyboard event to open an image's source — typically an HTML document — in the user's web browser. I don't normally have anything very enthusiastic to say about programming in Python except that it works but the built-in webbrowser DWIM module was a pleasant surprise.

I've also posted an updated version of standalone Mirror Project Random Image Widget (OS X.)

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Sunday, April 03 2005

La vie en mauve

For years now, I've been telling people that the cross atop Mont Royal would turn purple when the Pope died. I did not have this information on any Good Authority and it is the kind of goofy yarn that urban myths are spun from. It is also exactly the kind of ridiculous endeavour that Montréal's municipal officials have a history of embracing. No one really knows why they do it but everyone admires the pluck it takes to spend money to make the cross turn purple in a province that wholesale threw off the Catholic church nearly 50 years ago. In a town where churches are measured by their real estate, rather than spiritual, value.

So, the story was always told with a twinge of doubt and an expectation that it would be filed under “Why won't Montrealers shut the fuck up about how cool their city is” when the Big I Am finally tapped Karol on the shoulder.

But, ho ho : purple!

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Saturday, April 02 2005


  Vancouver , February 2005

I will write more later but the executive summary reads something like this:

  • A new Mirror Project Random Image Widget with the ability to post to A standalone binary version for OS X is also available and I'll post a Windows version as soon I can find the time to build it.

  • The guts of the code have been chunked out into an abstract base class and a plug-in for the functionality. Testing the theory that it made writing similar apps easy, I was able to crank out a bare-bones random image widget using the Yahoo! image search API in about twenty minutes.

  • Beta because the only place I've been able to do any serious testing is an OS X machine. It should Just Work™ but we all know the drill.

  • This represents the end of all development on the so-called “w5” application. If I can ever sort out the Bloom filter stuff, I will re-implement it using the ImageWidget classes.

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Thursday, March 24 2005

All your “E” are belong to Vancouvr

  Granville Street , Vancouver , March 2005







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