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  Vancouver , February 2005

I will write more later but the executive summary reads something like this:

  • A new Mirror Project Random Image Widget with the ability to post to A standalone binary version for OS X is also available and I'll post a Windows version as soon I can find the time to build it.

  • The guts of the code have been chunked out into an abstract base class and a plug-in for the functionality. Testing the theory that it made writing similar apps easy, I was able to crank out a bare-bones random image widget using the Yahoo! image search API in about twenty minutes.

  • Beta because the only place I've been able to do any serious testing is an OS X machine. It should Just Work™ but we all know the drill.

  • This represents the end of all development on the so-called “w5” application. If I can ever sort out the Bloom filter stuff, I will re-implement it using the ImageWidget classes.

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