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“I was having fun at the tech plenary in France and someone else was at the dentist...”

Trying to decide if, and how, to make this play with the so-called “w5” application” — not entirely sure what the benefit would be. Maybe as a guide and a grammer for extending the API to limit queries based location or keywords. I think this would place too high a burden on people running servers so I doubt it will happen.

Trying to decide if, and how, to make this play with the images that show up here every once in a while . At least passing date information and maybe a couple keywords.

Trying to decide how to automate that process and how Norman Walsh's jpegrdf tool plays with the RDF tools for managing photographs that I started writingupdate : I solved this one enough for my liking by writing jpegrdfify

(Trying to decide how Java programmers would survive without shell scripts for generating those goofy CLASSPATH statements.)

Trying to decide who the first person to connect their photo management software to their address book will be and how they will account for the fact that out of roughly 38, 000 individual email messages I have collected just over 5, 000 unique email addresses. Actually, I sort of enjoy this one because it's the kind of statistic that makes usability experts get all weak in the knees.

Trying to decide if, and how, to deal with the fact that there doesn't seem to be any generic way to tell an RDF parser that x-urn:foo:bar:(.*) really means /home/asc/foo/bar/$1 .

Trying to decide what kind of punishment to metre out to the next person who tells me the solution to the problem is to add an entry in your DNS table .

Trying to imagine writing regular expressions as RDF statements which is a good as a time as any to stop.

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