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Who's on first at the New York Times?

The plan is to make pretty pictures out of this mess and finally learn GSS at the same time.

update — Well, this is not really what I was after : The yellow circles are ideas or keywords, pink are place, red organizations and green people. The orange boxes are Dublin Core title elements. And all those little black dots hovering over the blue lines are strings identifying a predicate.

This is way more than I want, or need, to see. I want to make the predicate strings go away entirely. I want to replace the strings in each subject (the circles), which you don't see because I cleverly assigned them a 1pt font size, with the value of their dc:title and hide the child element altogether.

And maybe do something — fuck, anything — to tidy up these layouts that span entire football fields.

I will continue to poke at it, but this sort of stuff appears to be outside the scope of the GSS spec .

Meanwhile, IsaViz is pretty cool though I can't see how anyone manages to use it to good effect without a four by six foot monitor...

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