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Friday, January 23 2004

“[A] tool for zooming in and out of a work to arbitrary heights.”


In its most literal sense, this means that the computer will draw me a map of every nation or street mentioned in this work ... and those of anyone else who wants to wade in, I'll be able to create maps like those of Moretti's automatically, showing the context of my own thoughts, my own ontologies connected with others, both present and historical, and they'll be able to do the same.

It would be curious to see what happened if you could ping, say, the API and return a list of tags for a given URL .


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I posted some XSL stylesheets for munging Atom (0.3)

— into RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 . At the moment there are only stylesheets for munging so-called minimal Atom feeds. I will get around to the fancier feeds, but don't hold your breath. If someone wants to take the work and run with it, please feel free to do so.

Update: Well, this proved to be a pretty trivial task. I have munged about 98% of a maximal Atom feed into RSS 1.0. I don't expect the multipart content feed or the RSS 2.0 stylesheet to be anymore complicated. I guess I will try and post all of this tomorrow morning.

Up your date: So, it's all done. Save the widget to convert a W3CDTF date string to a RFC822 date string which is making me feel, well, funky. Fortunately, someone else has already done most of the heavy lifting . Oh yeah, and some kind of kludge to deal with the fact the XSL spec seems to be seriously brain-dead when it comes to generating <![CDATA[ ]]> sections. But not tonight — there is a hockey game to watch...

Is that a date in your pocket? Steve Ball is my hero, even if the markup:cdata-section template is broken. And it goes without saying that the logic for fussing with dates in RSS 2.0 will result in bug reports. Life sucks — but often less than date processing. I will finish up some rudimentary documentation and post a tar ball this afternoon (Sunday.)

Please god, can we find something else to argue about now?

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