Canadians are well-known for making fun of Americans. Especially when it comes to the subject of how little most Americans know about their friends to the North .

So, it was sort of refreshing to be in the States with a group of Canadians as they tried to wrap their minds around the fact that absolutely everything is closed on Thanksgiving.

You mean, nothing is open? Really?! The whole country?

It was also pretty funny finally finding a place to get a drink and being carded with people who've been going to bars, without thinking about it, since they were fifteen. In other words, for a minimum of sixteen years. If you've ever wondered whether people from Québec are laughing at you, under their breath, while you scan their driver's license trying to find a birth date : they are.

Seriously, why doesn't the States just bring back Prohibition? I know, I know. If Dubya gets re-elected, they will but you can imagine what it was like being in Boston with two Montréalais after they were told that all of Massachusetts is dry on Sundays. No one asked me but Americans sure seemed to enjoy themselves more back when they drank gin out of bath tubs .

And it would be an opportunity for the Bronfman's to make some of their money back (modulo whatever complaints people filed with the NAFTA review board.)