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Friday, November 14 2003

Who was the political wunderkind that scheduled Bono to speak in front of Paul Martin's coronation?

It didn't help that Captain Junior gave one of those completely forgettable thematics speeches, long on ideals and short on substance. In six months no one is going to remember what he said but everyone is going to remember Bono saying that Canada's got it in 'em and if nothing changes we'll all know who's to blame.

I don't have much love for the Liberal Party of Canada but I understand the so-called art of of compromise and to say that nothing good has happened on their watch would be disingenuous, at best. I don't think any one doubts that they could do it, even on things so simple they stagger the mind like increasing spending on foreign aid by a whopping 0.41% of GDP , but it's hard to tell anymore whether they want to.

So, if nothing else came out of it maybe a little public shaming about the amount Canada spends on foreign aid is the best we could have hoped for from a staged event.

A funny story about spending on foreign aid. Both the United States and Canada (not to mention the Europeans) have pledged to donate 0.7% of their respective GDP s. In reality, Canada gives 0.29% and the U.S. 0.15%. The best part? When asked, in a survey, how much they thought their government contributed to foreign aid, Canadians said 10% and Americans 20%. What was that quote about falling between the shadow and the reality?

Also overheard during the evening:

Paul! Stop talking to your television!

That's the sound of Paul Martin playing Alberta and Québec off of each other.

Am I watching The West Wing, or something?

That's the sound of Paul Martin rubbing Brian Mulroney's nose in it in case he's thinking of running for the leadership of the Unite the CRAP party.

Relax Sheila, no one's going to steal your bag. You're the Prime Minister's wife now.

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