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Zeldman : "Over a year later we're still waiting for the W3C to take the hint."

I'm guessing that Jeffrey's heart is in the right place, but you would think that in a year's time he could have put together a list of suggestions and sent it to the W3C. To that end, I will direct people's attention to the Class::Phrasebook Perl module which defined a simple, bare-bones XML format for describing, well, phrases. I am using this (albeit with a custom Class::Phrasebook::Simple class which I'll release soon) for the backend at the W3QC where we are generating all manner of documents in all manner of languages and the last thing I want to deal with is the phraseology (what an ugly word) of the <h3> element describing the articles someone has written. I'm pretty sure that if the nice propellor heads at the W3C had some way of writing this...

# This is Perl but the point is that the source

# document is XML so the code could be anything

use Class::Phrasebook::Simple qw (:errors);

warn Class::Phrasebook::Simple->errors("general","io-error");

...they would.

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