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More from the "This is My Cross to Bear" department : this bit about permalinks is also a crock of shit.

My god, people, get a grip and repeat after me : It's the software, stupid. What, you think twenty years of relational database weirdos were just sticking their fingers in their ears waiting for the two ends to meet and form the word permalink? No one remembers the creation of the permalink because it's so shockingly obvious. Not in a "change the world" kind of way but rather in a "why are we having this conversation?" kind of way. The only thing that distinguishes a permalink from our old friend the HTML anchor (aside from the fact that the latter has been deprecated) is that often the software powering the former allows a single item to be rendered independent of it's surrounding posts. What with support for bells and whistles like XInclude, XPath and XSLT being included in client-side browsers even the rule that it's a (blog) tool-thing no longer holds. Meanwhile, this is the part where the Semantic Web freaks start getting excited so I will, posthaste, take my leave...

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