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Sunday, May 04 2003

The New York Times imagines a kitchen for people who don't cook.

Out of the six gadgets described, I will tell you that only the indoor composter has any chance of lasting. But judging by the picture and the description, it does nothing to address the central problem with every single indoor composter ever made : they are too small. Every night, I burn with guilt at the volume of potential compost that I throw away and this little twerp of a composter might be good for two meals, if that, at best. And then what? I buy another one? Where do I put the first one for the months that it will take for the vegetable matter to decompose? As for the ice cream scooper, if you are really okay with the fact that you care about dishing out perfect spheroids for dessert I would just point out that this thing doesn't exactly look like it would take kindly to a commercial ice cream container...

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