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Political art or brain fart?

God help me, I'm linking to the Concordia student newspaper. I heard the artist on the radio this morning. Being still stunned from the night's sleep was probably the only thing that kept me from losing my head at the wishy-washy art-nerd blather coming out of her mouth. Aside from the overall spinelessness of Ms. Moor's comments -- oh yeah, I really believe you're trying to encourage any kind of rational and enlightened debate -- it was the same old rarified, myopic circle-jerk that passes for discourse and examination of an issue any time more than three "Artists" are within a fifteen foot radius of one another. It's not so much that I disagree with them -- although I find particularly noxious the attitude that politics is worthy only of scorn and not participation -- it's just that they can't seem to make their arguments without being childish and facile jackasses. Meanwhile, someone needs to tell Ms. Moor that the human arm does not hang anywhere near as far as the ankle. I will reserve any commentary about the hands until (if) I can work up the effort to go see this thing in the flesh. via thenewforum.

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