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Thursday, January 02 2003

Paul Martin : Why Am I Keeping a Blog?

After all, it's not like I can pretend to be the kind of guy that spends a lot of time surfing the web. To be honest, until a few weeks ago, I didn't even know what the hell a blog was - I joked that I thought it was something that might climb out of a swamp.

Dork. For those of you not keeping score Paul Martin is, for all intents and purposes, the next Prime Minister of Canada in waiting. (It remains to be seen whether Ti Jean (that's Prime Minister Poutine for all you Americans out there) manages to shit-can his nemesis' run for the leadership of the Liberal Party (read:Ontario) between now and his supposed departure from politics.) Mr. Martin is perhaps best known for butchering federal spending on health care transfers to the provinces. He is less well-known for also slashing proposed federal funding for bringing high speed Internet access to rural Canada; a program that would have said so much more than a spattering of pithy comments from the campaign trail. So you've got a weblog, Paul. Big fucking deal: talk minus action equals zero. via montreal city

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The bendypig on the depths of our wishes.

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Cory Doctorow : Boring profs exposed by WiFi

Profs who bore their students and blame laptops don't get a lot of sympathy from me -- if you can't convince a room full of young people who've committed to a lifetime of debt in order to cram their heads with useful knowledge and skills to pay attention, it's time to re-evaluate your material and methods.

Aside from the fact that in Canada, at least, university students barely pay for their school's floor wax with their tuition this kind of argument doesn't get much sympathy from me. The argument is not without merit but it makes the mistake of ignoring a few salient points: 1) some things are hard no matter how you dress them up 2) things that are hard are often seen as 'boring' at first blush 3) college students are hardly the most earnest and committed bunch you'll ever meet. There's also the whole issue of judging a post-secondary education on an investment-to-return ratio scale, but that's another story...

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The Sync4j Project

Hark, actual code for doing things SyncML-ish!

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