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Tuesday, December 10 2002

Ed Hawco : Montréal has a few mythical bus lines

erhaps someone should write an essay about the 29 as a failed bridge of the two solitudes, going back and forth, empty and ghost-like, between The Main ... and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

My first apartment was right in front of Parc Lafontaine, the main drag that the 29 runs. I lived there for 3-4 months, during which time all manner of bad things happened including long long walks to the Main to go grocery shopping. (This was before Mont-Royal became an actual nice place to go and was still an ugly, skanky street that you couldn't walk down without atleast one crazy screaming in your face. There were no little fruiteries; just a sea of depanneurs and a pizza pizza where we ate too many pizza pockets during the first two weeks while we waited for appliances to arrive. I can count the number of times I saw the 29, during those months, on one hand.

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