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Me : rels-to-unordered-lists.xsl 1.0

This stylesheet defines a single public template named ListAllRels which will create one, or more, unordered lists based on the <link> element in the source document.

I wrote this because I've gotten in the habit of defining all my navigation cues in <link> elements since Mozilla does a nice job of providing a nav-menu for you. Of course, neither IE nor Phoenix provide similar functionality (Opera ignores links with user-defined rel attributes) which means a lot of clicking and typing in the location bar for people using those browsers. The obvious solution, of course, is simply to pre-process the document and tack on a list of links before the browser renders it. If someone can figure out how to rig things so that it will just work with either AxKit or as a <?xml-stylesheet?> processing instruction, I'd love to know what they did. In my experience, the former freaks out and causes the httpd process to gobble all the CPU it can get its hands on, presumably because AxKit/libxml treat HTML files as special (even though XHTML files are, well XML.) Nor can I get the latter work in any browser unless the content-type is explicitly set to *xml which, in turn, causes IE to spaz out with errors about external entities. Rat fuckers.

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