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I recently built a fresh FreeBSD install.

I run Windowmaker because I hate X-Windows with a passion and it's the only windowing system I've found that just works. Periodically, I think about translucent shell windows but they are never worth the trouble. This is the list of my dock-thingies, from top to bottom:
  1. the dock thingy thingy
  2. a clock
  3. the wm prefs thingy (arguably unnecessary)
  4. xterm
  5. emacs
  6. phoenix (mostly just because mozilla takes so damn long to build)
That's it. Why am I telling you this? Because I've gotten used to checking weblogs using the Mozilla sidebar widget that I wrote earlier in the year. Periodically, I use Phoenix which still doesn't have support for user-defined sidebars. I could, you say, run one of the many aggregators available - as an X-thingy no less! It's not that I dis-like aggregators, per se, they're mostly fine tools in their own right. But damned if I want to run YA-application. I know I could automate the process and hide it and and and. And the less fancy-pants hoop jumping I have in my life, the better. No offence to anyone, but I don't need any help making things anymore complicated than they are. Witness, the time I spent yesterday morning thinking about writing a tool to poll the file and write a new "weblogs" folder in my browser's bookmarks file every hour.


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