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Aside from the fact that the current iteration of this software that runs this weblog

is tied up with RSS and that I can't ever find the time to finish it, I am going to scrap all things RSS in any future versions. Fuck it - and I mean all of it. On bad days, I have some pretty bitter ideas about what it all means. On good days, I simply realize it is not worth the trouble. Instead, I am going to spend more time with xbel since it is more interesting and has always mapped better to my idea of weblog. This whole idea cropped up again when I noticed that someone had modelled XBEL as RDF (ick ick ick) but then I noticed that monkeyfist syndicates as XBEL and that settled it. So the bad news is you've been warned. The good news is it probably won't happen for a while.

meta : Embedding webservers ←  → Who ever imagined a time when the most interesting hacks would be done in AppleScript?