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Monday, August 26 2002

The dictified word of the day is : pelf

Pelf \Pelf\, n. [OE. pelfir booty, OF. pelfre, akin to pelfrer to plunder, and perh. to E. pillage. Cf. {Pilfer}.] Money; riches; lucre; gain; -- generally conveying the idea of something ill-gotten or worthless. It has no plural. ``Mucky pelf.'' --Spenser. ``Paltry pelf.'' --Burke. Can their pelf prosper, not got by valor or industry? --Fuller. web1913
pelf n : informal terms for money [syn: {shekels}, {gelt}, {dough}, {bread}, {dinero}, {lucre}, {loot}, {moolah}, {cabbage}, {kale}] wn

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