Absolutely no progress has been made on re-tooling the software that runs this weblog. I finished the first release of Image::Shoehorn::Gallery and promptly discovered that although the package does exactly what I imagined I wanted it to do, it didn't really do what I actually wanted it to do. I still need to do a bit more debugging, but I think I managed to teach the package a few new tricks : the ability to specify disparate source and destination directories, the ability to specify a scaled default image instead of the original and the ability to scale an image only if the height or width of the original exceed user defined limits. Assuming that it actually all works and that writing the docs doesn't take too long, I should be able to upload 0.2 to the CPAN in the next day or two. And then, in a fit of madness over lunch last week, I promised Karl that 0.3 would support magic for reading user defined templates which means spending even more time with the nightmare that is XPath.