is that I've been working a package for generating slideshows / galleries that do the right thing from a directory of nothing but image files. The package uses XML::Filter::XML_Directory_2XHTML and Image::Shoehorn to scale all the images per configuration data (e.g. thumb=>"75x50",small=>"25%" ) and generate all the necessary static HTML files, complete with next|prev links that know which size of the image you're looking at and links to the other scaled versions of the image. The design is purposefully simple since eventually the idea is to have the internals use XML::SAX::Machines so that you can filter the output of individual files to your hearts content. First though, I'd like to add support for XML::Filter::Sort on the front-end. Anyway, all the meta-data for an image is read from IPTC and EXIF tags. The former can be edited in Photoshop and the latter are written automagically by many cameras. Sadly, the Gimp supports neither and only allows for comments not exceeding 512 characters in length. Karl threatened to put together some sort of hairy, scary document based on the many emails we exchanged on the subject but I guess he has been busy enjoying the summer, and rightly so. Oh yeah, and the interface?

use Gallery;



                static=>1, # Don't use Apache::Image::Shoehorn

                scales=>[ ["thumb","x50"],["small","25%"] ],