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The dictified word of the day is : sesquipedalian

Sesquipedal \Ses*quip"e*dal\, Sesquipedalian \Ses`qui*pe*da"li*an\, a. [Sesqui- + pedal: cf. F. sesquip['e]dal, L. sesquipedalis.] Measuring or containing a foot and a half; as, a sesquipedalian pygmy; -- sometimes humorously applied to long words. web1913
sesquipedalian adj 1: given to the overuse of long words; "sesquipecalian orators"; "this sesquipedalian way of saying one has no money" 2: (of words) long and ponderous; having many syllables; "sesquipedalian technical terms" [syn: {polysyllabic}] n : a very long word (a foot and a half long) [syn: {sesquipedalia}] wn

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