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Réjean Tremblay : "On dit ne pas aimer Patrice Brisebois

pour deux grands groupes de raisons. Un premier groupe qui concerne surtout les erreurs qu'il peut commettre pendant un match et la perception qu'on semble avoir de ses efforts sur la patinoire. Et il y a un deuxième groupe où c'est franchement viscéral. On ne sait pas trop pourquoi, mais on «sent» des traits de la personnalité de Brisebois. On avoue ne pas le connaître, mais on est certain qu'il est arrogant, qu'il est «frappé», vous voyez le genre." It was like the ghost of the Breezer was on the ice last night. Or maybe it's just that Habs have gotten so used to playing around his mistakes that they didn't know what to do without him. Maybe it was playing on ice in a place where it was thirty degrees Celcius outside. Maybe we just sucked. Just please stop telling me that Kevin Weekes played a great game. We had something truly discouraging like 3 or 4 shots on net in 13 powerplay minutes. Weekes may be a perfectly good goalie but it's not like he actually had to do anything, last night. Meanwhile, I had no idea that Doug Gilmour once nailed the Shameless Huckster's shoes to the floor. In case you needed another reason to like him.

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