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The Internet Dictionary Project

"[Our] goal is to create royalty-free translating dictionaries through the help of the Internet's citizens. This site allows individuals from all over the world to visit and assist in the translation of English words into other languages. The resulting lists of English words and their translated counterparts are then made available through this site to anyone, with no restrictions on their use." Oh boy, this has Perl module written all over it. I found this while I was looking for a French language dictionary for a Dict server. Does anyone know if such a dictionary exists? Mostly, what I'd like is something that I can call from the command-line that returns the gender for a word...

$> sexy-word chaise

[feminin] "De chair, she is beautiful."

$> sexy-word divan

[mascusin] "De couch, he is firm."

Such are the things you worry about when you live outside Quebec for seven years. Meanwhile, Jay Kominek has written a Dict server in Perl. A quick glance at the code suggests that writing Apache::SOAP::Dict would consist of little more than calling Cool.

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