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Did the Earth move?

I don't have any issues with how my comments were reported, but just for thoroughness' sake, this is the unedited version of what I said. If nothing else, it will give credit where it is due for the zippy quote at the end of the article...

I'm not sure that the API, per se, will do much. It's got a pretty high hack-value and gee-whiz factor...


...but I doubt that it will make the Earth move.

Notwithstanding the fact that the search widget combined with the cache widget will return non-HTML documents, you sort of have to ask yourself : why wouldn't I search for web documents in a web browser?

On the other hand, it will probably give a big push towards making people more familiar and comfortable building sites/tools using distributed widgets.

See also :

When asked to elaborate on that last bit :

It's sort of the same idea as the one that the "internet operating system" gang like to trumpet. For example, pulling in remote content or manipulating your own content via a remote function as a page (let's just imagine we're talking about the web) is being published [1].

You can sort of see this happening with the many publish/subscribe widgets that are popping up [2]. That is, there is a growing interconnectedness among pages, sites, applications.

I'm not sure I buy it, though. It's plenty cool but there are lots of problems that need to be worked out. All the same problems that plague popular websites (bandwidth, scaling, etc.) are going to plague popular web services and not everyone has a thousand servers like Google does[3].

Not to mention issues of reliability and the nagging sense that I think a lot of people have that it's just the carrot (cool-ness!) before the stick (micro-payments!)

Mostly I was just trying to say that being able to "plug" Google-ness in to your website will, if nothing else, provide an example of "distributed computing" that is not as abstract as those that have come before it.

  1. RSS feeds are a good example

refers to


Me : google2blogger 1.0 ←  → I will update the long neglected xml-rss.js library, accordingly