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Thursday, April 11 2002

Me : 0.1

Because I want to be able to do :

 my $google = Net::Google->new(key=>LOCAL_GOOGLE_KEY);

 my $search = $google->search();

$search->query(qw(aaron cope));

 map { print $_->title()."\n"; } @{$search->results()};

See docs for details and caveats. A note for people arriving from the listings : the most recent version of Net::Google can be found on the CPAN.

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Charles Nofsinger : buzz

Look at that export list! If I could figure out how why wxPython won't build out of ports and teach this thing to speak otlml, I would be set.

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My prediction is that the Google API will spawn a bunch of child services.

Notably one to poll for an active key as a workaround to the 100 queries/ day limit. Since, all you need to do is register 10 - 20 accounts while you're watching TV or talking on the phone, I've already started about writing some kind of shared memory widget for picking a random key from a pool of many. Something like...

# $soap->doGoogleSearch(&_key()...);

sub _key {

   my $rand = $api_keys{rand(scalar(keys %api_keys))};

   $api_keys{$rand} ++;


   if ($api_keys{$rand} == 100) { delete $api_keys{$rand}; }

   return $rand;


...which any right minded person would agree is begging to be a web service of it's own.

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The random word of the day is : cheese

To be happy and not worry.
ex. Don't cry. Life is short, so just be cheese.
see also : cheese dict-ified

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The dictified word of the day is : desuetude

Desuetude \Des"ue*tude\, n. [L. desuetudo, from desuescere, to grow out of use, disuse; de + suescere to become used or accustomed: cf. F. d['e]su['e]tude. See {Custom}.] The cessation of use; disuse; discontinuance of practice, custom, or fashion. The desuetude abrogated the law, which, before, custom had established. --Jer. Taylor. web1913
desuetude n : a state of inactivity or disuse wn

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