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Soon, unless I decide to fuck it and go read my book

for the rest of the afternoon...

<xref xlink:href = ''

      content-type = 'text/opml' 

      xlink:show = 'embed'>

 <text>Dave Winer's Outline</text>

 <cache modified = '1018129831' 

        created  = '1018129831' 

        type = 'otlml'> 




...which is pretty much what's going to happen. I have a working SAX2 filter for doing "inline" instant outlining of an OTLML 1.1 document and the new DTD is almost ready to be released. Right now the filter is hard-coded to munge remote OPML documents, but I plan on adding hooks to load (sub) filters on the fly based on the content-type attribute. Just not today.


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