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The dictified word of the day is : probity

Probity \Prob"i*ty\, n. [F. probit['e], fr. L. probitas, fr. probus good, proper, honest. Cf. {Prove}.] Tried virtue or integrity; approved moral excellence; honesty; rectitude; uprightness. ``Probity of mind.'' --Pope. Syn: {Probity}, {Integrity}. Usage: Probity denotes unimpeachable honesty and virtue, shown especially by the performance of those obligations, called imperfect, which the laws of the state do not reach, and can not enforce. Integrity denotes a whole-hearted honesty, and especially that which excludes all injustice that might favor one's self. It has a peculiar reference to uprightness in mutual dealings, transfer of property, and the execution of trusts for others. web1913
probity n : complete and confirmed integrity wn

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