That is not a threat, but rather an opportunity; We can use this together to create something ... educating all of us" No shit, Sherlock? Meanwhile, Dale Peskin posits that :
Our stories will take us beyond convergence to emergence. There, news becomes the product of a universally distributed intelligence that develops from an interconnected society enabled by interactive media. It occurs in real time, self-regulating, constantly enhanced. The connections enabled by media lead to mutual recognition and enrichment of individuals, rather than a cult of communities and institutions.
You know, it is refreshing to see such enthuastic exercises in hyperbole, crafted to a true artform during the mid-90s, make a comeback but it's just candy. So far, the analogies have been so piss-poor and the degree of stating the obvious so high that it's hard not to see this as little more than a way for people to spin their way into the ivory tower. After all, what the fuck is the point of having, or being, a "domain expert" in this goofy, story-licious, post-modern magic kingdom that's being described?