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Simon Cozens : Stopping Spam with SpamAssassin

Karl and I were sharing our dirty little email secrets last night. He told me he's kept every single piece of email he's received for the last ten years. I told him that I have this unhealthy desire to save every piece of email as a discreet XML file, like "real" letters. We're not talking about online courtship or tales of adventure and hilarity, here, we're talking about the 90% of email messages that say : I'll see you there. I'm sure there is a graduate student working hard to explain why we do these things but I'm also pretty sure that anything they say will read like a Mark Dery book so we'll just ignore that part of it for now. But it did get me thinking about using a weblogging system as an email application, rather than just using the latter to transit the former. That is each message is intercepted by a filtering agent and "posted" to a private weblog (if you're into hacking sendmail or postfix or whatever, I think you're insane but that's your business.) The most immediate win is that your email can suddenly take advantage of the work that's been done on assigning multiple categories in the blog world. Suddenly you never have wonder whether it makes more sense whether to file an email by topic/project or by sender. I'm told that much of this has already been done, largely by individuals for personal use. One person has widgets to automatically post certain emails to the web using the Message-Id as permalink / primary key. Which got me thinking about types again. Specifically, if you wanted to have multiple routing/archiving destinations -- the public web, the private web for group "foo", etc. -- could you use an existing category framework or would a "route" have to be it's own type? Of course, the next logical step would be to render and then read your email as VRML ....

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