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The dictified word of the day is : obloquy

Obloquy \Ob"lo*quy\ ([o^]b"l[-o]*kw[y^]), n. [L. obloquium, fr. obloqui. See {Oblocutor}.] 1. Censorious speech; defamatory language; language that casts contempt on men or their actions; blame; reprehension. Shall names that made your city the glory of the earth be mentioned with obloquy and detraction? --Addison. 2. Cause of reproach; disgrace. [Obs.] --Shak. Syn: Reproach; odium; censure; contumely; gainsaying; reviling; calumny; slander; detraction. web1913
obloquy n 1: the state of disgrace resulting from public abuse [syn: {opprobrium}] 2: a malicious attack [syn: {defamation}, {calumny}, {traducement}, {hatchet job}] wn

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