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Thursday, February 14 2002

Kip Hampton : Introducing XML::SAX::Machines, Part One

Now that supports bounding boxes natively, I am trying to decide if I want to tackle writing an "as PDF" stylesheet and SAX filter. Something like...

my $machine = Pipeline(

    # How do I ->set_stylesheet_uri("my_pdflib.xsl") here?






see also : PDF::Template and RE: ...calling widget methods.

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The random word of the day is : mudguts

Most likely the younger sister of a skank, a mudguts typically has at least two inches of stomach showing. To be a true mudguts the stomach must also fall two inches beyond the top of her short skirt. A beer gut for young women. Muddy for short.
ex. For a sixteen year old she must drink a lot of beer. She isn't pregnant, so she must be a mudguts.

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The dictified word of the day is : temerarious

Temerarious \Tem`er*a"ri*ous\, a. [L. temerarius. See {Temerity}.] Unreasonably adventurous; despising danger; rash; headstrong; audacious; reckless; heedless. -- {Tem`er*a"ri*ous*ly}, adv. I spake against temerarious judgment. --Latimer. web1913
temerarious adj : presumptuously daring; "a daredevil test pilot having the right stuff" [syn: {brash}, {daredevil}] wn

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