"The process begins at 10pm the night before the show, when a group of about fifty writers, directors, actors and designers gather at a theater for the latest round of what has become a highly anticipated ritual. After everyone has been briefed (and Polaroided), the writers are left alone to each compose a ten-minute play. At 7am, the directors return, read the plays, make their bids, and begin casting. The actors arrive at 8am, meet with their respective writer/director teams; rehearsals start promptly at 9am. Tech rehearsal runs from 5 to 7:30pm - doors open at 7:45. At 8pm, ink barely dry, the new plays are performed for a live audience." My friend Susie (that's Susan to you, mister) sometimes does set design for these things. If you're in L.A., a new production is being staged on the 24th (which, apropos of nothing, also happens to be the anniversary of the only really good thing to happen in Canada during the month of February : the resignation of Brian Mulroney.)