# Simple

my $method = "examples.getStateName";

print SCNS->new("xmlrpc:http://betty.userland.com/RPC2")->$method(40);

# Less simple

my $service = SCNS->new("xmlrpc:http://betty.userland.com/RPC2");

my $debug   = FileHandle->new(">./debug.txt");

# See below


# Default is STDERR


my $answer = $service->getStateName(4);

if (! defined($answer)) { 

   die $service->last_error(); 


print $answer;

return 1;

This was mostly just an exercise to prove to myself that there is no magic here beyond the standard eval "require $class"; and AUTOLOAD hacks. Problems to sort out : 1) why installing AUTOLOAD subs in the symbol table doesn't work -- or more specifically, why XMLRPC::Lite::call() hangs; 2) How to AUTOLOAD methods with dots in them without declaring the string as a variable first.